Tell stories with data.
In the modern workplace, it’s crucial to know how to analyze, synthesize, and tell stories with data. The skills people and businesses need to succeed are changing. No matter where you are in your career or what field you work in, you will need to understand the language of data.
At DataSkills, our mission is to equip you with key business management skills as well as tools and methods for analyzing data and presenting results. From learning how to use a spreadsheet application (we love Microsoft Excel) as a powerful analytical and communication tool to analyzing time series data with Python, we are your Data Skills gym! 
Start making data-driven decisions that help your organization grow and prosper.  
Excel Star. The smartest way to ...
Be awesome in Excel.
Data analysis skills are highly sought by data-driven organizations who wish to harness data to improve business results. This course will help you become a resourceful and independent data analyst who can help organizations reach their goals.

Learn advanced Excel, one of the most popular data analysis tools, to help visualize and gain insights from your data. Develop your skills with Excel to gather, transform, analyze, and visualize data.

What you will learn?

 • Master the main tasks of data analysis required by data-driven organizations

 • Overcome data analysis challenges by learning advanced techniques and methods in Excel

 • Learn to visualize data and create live dashboards that answer business questions

 • Engage in real data analysis challenges that simulate the complexity and challenges in a business environment

 • Communicating your findings/reports clearly to various stakeholders
Have a Team?
Want this course to your team? We will only be glad to conduct a customized Excel Star program at your premises. 

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Do you know?
According to the forecasts of the World Economic Forum, by 2020 data analysts will be in high demand in companies around the world.
A recent LinkedIn Workforce Report maintains that, in the USA, demand for these professional figures has grown sixfold compared to five years ago, and data analysts will continue to be the most sought after profiles over the next five years.
The average yearly salary of a data analyst is among the very highest in the broader labor market.
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